#22 Ajla Šušnjar

Multiple sclerosis triggered by the shots

Ajla Šušnjar (22) was living a creative and healthy life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She decided to move to Germany in 2022 to start a new chapter in her life. She was obliged to take the 2 C-shots in order to work in Germany.

Before her departure, she had received two Pfzr shots in Bosnia. After the second shot, she suddenly had health problems. The doctors in Bosnia did not take her symptoms seriously. Her health issues disappeared after some weeks and she thought she had fully recovered. When she arrived in Germany and wanted to work at a hospital, she was obliged to take a tetanus shot. After this shot it went completely wrong. She experienced a lot of pain and lost her eyesight.

Ajla was examined at another hospital and the neurologists discovered that she has the neurological condition Multiple sclerosis (MS). They have treated her in a MS center in Munich and some of her symptoms have reduced. Unfortunately, she has permanent vision loss. Nowadays she feels often dizzy and very tired.

We see in the vaccine injured community that C-shots and other vaccines can trigger neurological diseases such as MS. Recently, a study was also published on the World Health Organisation website stating that there is a potential link that the C-shots can cause MS. However, Ajla’s doctors do not want to acknowledge this. 

Ajla remains positive and she speaks out what happened to her on social media. In addition, she also wants to educate people what MS exactly is. She found out that many people actually have no idea what this condition means. Ajla said that whoever has this diagnosis should not give up and if anyone needs help, she will be happy to talk to anyone who needs it. 

The conversation was conducted in Bosnian language.

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