#9 Ashton Robertson

From wheelchair to stage
Ashton Robertson

It has been 21 months since Ashton Robertson got a hyper insane reaction to the C-shot. Before the shot, he was a full time touring musician and very healthy 30 year old from Detroit, U.S.A.

He got 1 Pfzr shot in April 2021 and 25 hrs later blacked out, woke up seizuring for hours and quickly lost his ability to walk.

Within three weeks he was losing all circulation to his arms, legs and head. Ashton has experienced over 100 different symptoms: dizinness, neuromuscular weakness, tremors, digestive issues, tinnitus, etc.

His spine, heart, blood vessels and brain are all damaged. He lost 30 lbs (14kg). It took him 17 months to return to the stage, after doing physical therapy every other day, with no breaks to climb his way back.

Ashton found out that he is hypermobile and has Ehler Danlos Syndrome, just like many other v-injured people. We are seeing that these genetics are not going well together with shots (I’m also hypermobile and Claire Serrurier too, see conversation #6). Ashton is still limited and struggles a lot, but he is fighting back.

Over 15 doctors refused to treat him, so he took his healing into his own hands. Ashton, a.k.a. Spaceship Earth, is playing shows again!

May his story offer V-injured people hope. May his story remind you of what is real. May his story let you know that anything is possible.

As an extra, you can listen to one of his songs at the end of our conversation 🙂

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