#26 Emilia

Chronic disease Lupus caused by one Janssen shot

Two years after Emilia received the Janssen Covid injection in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), we meet with her to discuss what happened. The conversation below is just a fragment of what she went through as a vaccine injured person. Emilia shares in an extremely honest and personal way how painful this experience is. 

Emilia (35) had a happy and healthy life and was singing a lot. In the first week after the injection, she experienced a metallic taste in her mouth and a huge pain in her mouth, teeth and gums. She developed balance issues, very painful joints, seizures, tremors in her hands, a never ending high fever, anemia, swollen lymph nodes and tonsils, bruises, brain fog, low vitamine levels, sweating, vomiting and losing hair and weight. The doctors in the Netherlands thought she was a hypochondriac, but they were completely wrong. 

After being medically gaslighted, she went to Poland for help. The doctors took her case very seriously. After many examinations, biopsies and expensive tests a rheumatologist from Poland found out that Emilia has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The auto-immune marker ANA-test and the typical Lupus marker Anti- dsDNA were both positive. They also discovered she has Lupus Nephritis which means her kidneys are chronically inflammed, a common symptom of Lupus. Her Polish doctor did his utmost to convince the doctors in The Netherlands that Emilia has Lupus. After many struggles with Dutch hospitals, Utrecht UMC finally admitted that she does indeed have Lupus, but they do not want to acknowledge that the she is vaccine injured and that the shot caused this auto-immune disease.

There is no cure for this condition and Emilia is also now at high risk of developing cancer. She received several treatments and her Lupus is now in remission, but she still experiences recurrent attacks. Emilia must live with this dangerous condition for the rest of her life. The Janssen vaccine ruined her life, not only in terms of health, but also financially and socially. She wants to fight for justice and is searching for a lawyer in the Netherlands.

Listen to our conversation on Spotify or watch the full interview on Youtube below.

Thank you Emilia for sharing your story!


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