#26 Emilia – Chronic disease Lupus caused by one Janssen shot

Emilia (35) is severly injured by one Covid shot in 2021. She was very happy, healthy and singing a lot, but this vaccine from Johnson & Johnson turned her life upside down. After many examinations and tests a rheumatologist from Poland found out that she has Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Emilia must live with this dangerous auto-immune condition for the rest of her life.

#22 Ajla Šušnjar – Multiple sclerosis triggered by the shots

Ajla Šušnjar (22) was living a creative and healthy life in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She decided to move to Germany in 2022 to start a new chapter in her life. She was obliged to take the C-shots and other shots in order to work in Germany. These shots went completely wrong in her body and she has the neurological condition Multiple sclerosis now.

#11 Stevan Mihajlovic – A tilted head and many other symptoms due to 1 C-shot

Stevan Mihajlovic

Stevan Mihajlovic (29) got severly injured by one C-shot in 2021. One Mdrna shot has completely changed his life. Stefan was born and raised in Serbia. He moved to Switzerland to do his second Master and after finishing his study he started to work in Switzerland. He was very happy and healthy. Due to immense pressure he decided to take the C-shot.

#9 Ashton Robertson – From wheelchair to stage

Ashton Robertson

It has been 21 months since Ashton Robertson got a hyper insane reaction to the C-shot. Before the shot, he was a full time touring musician and very healthy 30 year old from Detroit, U.S.A. He got 1 Pfzr shot in April 2021 and 25 hrs later blacked out, woke up seizuring for hours and quickly lost his ability to walk. Within three weeks he was losing all circulation to his arms, legs and head.

#7 Holly Del Valle – Gastrointestinal issues due to HPV shots

Holly del valle

Holly Del Valle (36) got injured by the HPV 💉 when she was 25 years old. She had 3 Gardasil shots in 2012 and after the 3rd shot her health issues started: a very sharp pain in her gut, constant diarrhea, muscle weakness, feeling nauseous daily and many other symptoms.